About Arnold

Arnold’s interest in Lincoln began with a talk he gave in high school; in the following 30-plus years he read his way through a fairly respectable Lincoln-Civil War library. That interest turned into a flat-out passion during the 13 years he spent as a teacher in a California state prison – Arnold used Lincoln as a writing prompt one day, and the world never looked the same again!


The wife-beaters and drug dealers in Arnold’s classroom certainly needed someone like Lincoln! After all, they

  • can't read a bus time-table,
  • don’t know how to write a check,
  • don’t know the words to “Jingle Bells!”

They need all the role-modelling they can get!

Arnold would read excerpts from what came to be his calendar-based book "Lincoln 365" and noticed that, thanks to the cumulative and irresistible power of subliminal advertising,

Lincoln in Prison?!

Lincoln's impact was more and more firm, that these guys actually changed.

  • Like Lincoln himself, they were more and more inclined to laugh at themselves.
  • Like Lincoln himself, they became more comfortable living inside their own skin.
  • Like Lincoln himself they became more and more capable of seeing the other guy's point of view.
Arnold as Professional Speaker

In the early 2000's Arnold fine-tuned his speaking skills with Toastmasters International. His Lincoln presentations, as well as his critically-acclaimed "Lincoln 365," arose out of an aware-winning speech entitled "Lincoln was a Loser." In 2011 Arnold propelled his professional speaking career to the next level when he finally qualified for a coveted membership badge in the National Speakers Association, the most prestigious organization of its kind in the country

Whether his message centers on

  • “Lead Like Lincoln” for a business audience, or
  • “Lincoln and Ethics” for a legal and financial services audience, or
  • “Lincoln’s Patriotism: the Antidote” for an audience of high school or college students more interested in love of country than love of party, or
  • “The Wit & Wisdom of Abraham Lincoln” for a general audience interested in a good laugh

Arnold's delivery is timely and inspiring - enticing as a warm, glowing fire in a cold, dark room. A riveting story-teller, Arnold empowers people to push their various envelops as a matter of course, attaining long-lasting impact in the process.

Tailor-making a presentation for your people starts with the first contact:arnold@lucidspeaker.com or 916-213-7463